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Andre Schiffrin: A visionary force for ideas in the 20th and 21st Century

Andre Schiffrin--the great book publisher and champion of ensuring that public discourse benefted from the intellectual and artisic endeavors of authors, political thinkers and artists-has passed away.  Andre was an illuminating force who through Pantheon and The New Press gave the world a rich and indelible legacy on such an amazing array of issues.  He championed topics that were sometimes not well appreciated or understood by the public, helping create the means for thougtful discourse and possible political and social change.  Andre stood up for what he believed was right

EU and US NGOs respond to EU Date Safe Harbor report: Safe Harbor Program should be suspended until US protects online privacy

Today, the European Commission issued a report evaluating its "Safe Harbor" agreement on data with the U.S.   Here's a statement from BEUC, the European Consumer Organization, and also from CDD:

Facebook Expands Tracking & Targeting of Hispanic-Americans/Illustrates Need for FTC to address Spanish Language Privacy Issues

U.S. hispanics are seen as a large pot of digital dollar gold by online marketers.  Closely researched by the ad industry, Hispanics are viewed as brand loyal, significant spenders, early adopters of mobile and social media, and provide long-term marketplace growth.  Facebook is expanding how it tracks and targets Hispanics.  The company says it has 23 million people in its "U.S.

Time Warner/Turner Acknowledges COPPA's stronger children's privacy rules. Cartoon Network's Digital Targeting Safeguards

Turner TV is introducing advanced digital targeting to its networks.  But it has exempted Cartoonnetwork because of the new stronger COPPA kids privacy safeguards.  This is a positive move--and we have told so to the FTC.  We commend Time Warner and Turner.
Here's an excerpt on its approach:

EU Data Regulation Proposes Important Safeguards for Profiling, inc, on Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Politics, etc

In the new proposed Regulation passed earlier today by the LIBRE committee of the EU Parliament:  "Profiling that has the effect of discriminating against individuals on the basis of race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or beliefs, trade union membership, sexual orie

Google & Facebook Combine: Just in time for Halloween, a consumers' worst privacy nightmare

Google announced today that it had finally been admitted into the Facebook targeting system, the latter's Facebook Exchange. 

Facebook's Public Settings for Teens--Safeguards Required for Privacy, Datamining

Yesterday's announcement is linked to Facebook's proposed new data terms of service, which we have asked the FTC to review.  In its ToS proposal, Facebook wanted to declare that it had the right to use a teen's data in any way possible (that teens were no different than adults).  Yesterday&#3

U.S. NGOs Call on the EU to Support Data Privacy


23 US Public Interest Groups Back European Union Data Protection Regulation


WASHINGTON – A coalition of 23 US consumer, privacy and public interest groups  today wrote the European Parliament expressing strong support for the proposed European Data Protection Regulation because “we believe that the promotion of stronger privacy standards in Europe will benefit consumers around the globe.”


Google's new social shopping tactic aimed at having mobile devices ring up the $ (but glad it exempted teens)

Social commerce, as it's called, is a major component of contemporary marketing.  Using friends to sell to their friends is seen as the best way to pitch products,  Brands orchestrate a complex infrastructure of viral marketing, blogger endorsing, and content sharing services designed to convince consumers that they should tell all their friends about their products and services.  The online marketing industry, armed with Big Data power that tracks and analyzes everything we do, wants us to all be digital shills for advertisers.

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