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Facebook's new privacy counsel doesn't see the privacy problem! [Annals of Chutzpah!]

Facebook has hired a new counsel to deal with privacy.  Ashlie Beringer, a "technology and data privacy expert" is its new deputy general counsel.  She will "oversee the law department’s litigation, regulatory, and product groups, and manage a team of approximately 20 people."

Data Tracking & Targeter Criteo tells SEC it has "analyzed massive volumes of data to observe and predict user intent"

Criteo is preparing to go public and filed this week at the SEC.  The dramatic growth of the commercial surveillance "Big Data" economy raises critical privacy and consumer protection concerns.  The FTC, CFPB and the EU need to do a better job investigating the consequences to the 24/7 tracking and targeting of Internet

Google will need to empower real privacy in its "cookie-less" AdID unique tracker

Google has already unified all its data collection on a user as part of its controversial privacy policy change in 2012.  They gather our search information, YouTube viewing, mobile data (through Admob) and how we interact with leading online advertisers via DoubleClick.  Soon they will know even more about our financial data with Google Wallet.    Google will claim it's protecting privacy and giving users better control.  We will have to see how their likely universal opt-out really works, and what kind of tracking and data collection may continue.  B

FTC to address "Native Ads"-Safeguards required for youth, finance, health. Agency needs to review growth of branded content

Today, the FTC announced it will hold a workshop on so-called native ads" in December.  It's important the commission is doing so, but it needs to view the issue from a broad perspective, reflecting the changes that have transformed marketing and advertising in the digital era.

Twitter's IPO: Serving the Snack Food Industry and Tracking Users on Mobile Devices. More Responsibility & Privacy Req'd

As Twitter prepares to go public, it will need to ensure that consumer privacy and welfare is protected.  Its new deal with snack food giant Mondelez (Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, etc) is all about taking advanatge of a consumer's real-time information.  As the Financial Times reported, "As part of the agreement, Twitter will deploy dedicated teams to regularly work with Mondelez in Brazil, India, the UK and the US, helping local marketers tap Twitter’s real-time analytical knowhow.

NTIA not on the Case on Mobile Apps & Privacy: Great example of how mobile apps use your data to target you, inc. cross-platform

Our report released last week addressed how the NTIA's multistakeholder process failed to address actual mobile app industry data gathering and targeting practices.  Here's a great new example via ExchangeWire on Flurry's use of dat

New Report on Mobile Apps Raise Privacy and Consumer Protection Concerns: Read about real-time App tracking & targeting

This new report reveals mobile app industry business practices that affect every user.  It examines how some apps spy on users in real-time, how their gaming experience can changed so they will spend more on virtual good and products, and the use of Big Data to target consumers.  If you use apps, and also care about privacy and consumer protection, take a look.

CDD's Jeff Chester on the links between NSA surveillance and the plans by U.S. data giants to collect more data from the EU

Read my commentary on the links between the expansion of data collection by U.S. online companies and the recent revelations on expanding government surveillance.


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