CDD tells Obama Adm. its Drone Privacy Plan Won't "Fly." Calls on Commerce Dep't to withdraw "Multi-Stakeholder" approach and ask FTC to Address this Key Privacy Issue

Comments of the Center for Digital Democracy
Request for Comments on Privacy, Transparency, and Accountability Regarding Commercial and Private Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Docket No. 150224183-5183-01
The Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) calls on the Department of Commerce and its NTIA division to withdraw from overseeing a “multi-stakeholder” process designed to develop a framework to protect the privacy of U.S. citizens and consumers from the commercial use of drones (unmanned aircraft systems).

FTC Agrees with CDD, Rejects AgeCheq COPPA Scheme

In December, CDD urged the FTC to reject the verifiable parental consent mechanism for COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protect Act) proposed by AgeCheq.  The comments are attached.  Ensuring meaningful parental consent so their child's data can be gathered and used requires a robust and effective system.  Parents need to understand precisely what data is collected and by what means; how it is to be used--now and in the future--as well as the business models and online marketing practices that can affect them.  CDD and its attorneys at Georgetown Law Center found

Consumer, Privacy, Child Health Groups Challenge Federal Trade Commission’s Proposed Settlement with TRUSTe

Consumer, Children’s, and Privacy Groups Challenge Federal Trade Commission’s Proposed Settlement
with TRUSTe (True Ultimate Standards Everywhere, Inc.) As Too Lenient
Stronger Sanctions Needed for TRUSTe’s Violation of the Public Trust
Consumers—Especially Parents—Materially Harmed by Years of Deception

CDD Asks Federal Court Make FTC Provide Information on COPPA Safe Harbors via FOIA

Last summer, we asked the FTC to provide us with information on the so-called "Safe Harbors" for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  We told the FTC that the public needs to review how these Safe Harbor programs actually operate including how they ensure that a child's privacy is protected.  The FTC has not made the information available, claiming that if it provided it the companies under its purview would be less forthcoming to the agency.  That position is absurd and inappropriate.  When we are talking about programs that are suppo

Topps Company, Trading Card and Candy Company Charged with Violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); Coalition of Groups Groups Urge FTC to Investigate and Bring Action

Topps Company, Trading Card and Candy Company owned by Michael Eisner,
Charged with Violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
Consumer, Child Health, and Privacy Groups Urge Federal Trade Commission to Investigate and Bring Action Against Topps for Violating Children’s Privacy Rights through its Child-directed Website and its
#RockThatRock Contest

Privacy Groups Call for Major Changes on APEC Cross-Border Data Rules; Raises Questions about work of TRUSTe

On 3 December 2014 a coalition of privacy and consumer groups sent a Joint Submission to APEC asking for significant changes to the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system (CBPRs). The submission is available here.

CDD Asks FTC for Information on COPPA, Kids Privacy, Safe Harbors. Raises concerns on their effectiveness & operations

For months, CDD has been in contact with the Federal Trade Commission over the actual efficacy of the so-called "Safe Harbors" programs established to address children's privacy thru the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  We have major concerns about how these programs are structured, and whether they meaningfully ensure privacy of young people.  We have asked, via FOIA, for a detailed documentation on how the COPPA Safe Harbors operate.  The FTC has not--to date--provided the information parents and the public require.  CDD will ensure,

CDD files Appeal to make public NIST grant to Privo; Disclosure req'd on kids privacy issue. inv. toy co. & Verizon

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a federal law my NGO led the campaign for back in the mid-1990's, was designed to ensure that parents (or the responsible adult) be able to make meaningful decisions about commercial data collected from a child (thru age 12).  It's based on a concept requiring serious (read honest) and full disclosure of data collection and use practices, with prior affirmative consent (informed opt-in) before any collection occurs.  Given the powerful array of digital marketing t

Public Citizen, Consumer Action, CDD Support FTC via Amicus in "Wyndham" case/Role of FTC vital to protect consumers in online era

Through the terrfic work of Public Citizen, CDD submitted this Amicus brief today in what's called the Wyndham case.   Wyndham and its allies are challenging the much needed role of the FTC to protect Americans from data breaches and related online harms.  That they are afraid of having a consumer protection agency do its job says a great deal about them.  The brief is attached.

U.S. PIRG Education Fund & CDD File Add'l Comments on Big Data at FTC: Urge Action to Rein in "Wild West" of Unfair & Discriminatory Practices

U.S. PIRG Education Fund and the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) respectfully submit these additional comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). A set of regulatory and other safeguards is urgently required to ensure that contemporary “Big Data”-driven financial services are used in an equitable, transparent, and responsible manner. All Americans, especially those who confront daily challenges to their economic security, should be assured that their lives will be enhanced—not undermined—by the new digital-data financial services marketplace.

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